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October 14, 2016


Are you tired of your friends thinking that travelling for work sounds really fun and appealing? Your Instagram may look a bit more exciting than theirs but you probably get envious of them getting to go home every night after work. Here’s a list of the 8 things that make business travel hard!

1. Jet Lag

Jet lag is the most obvious consequence of frequent flying and can actually have more sinister effects than just tiredness. Research has shown that jet lag can make people age faster and increase the chances of stoke or heart disease. 

2. Exposure to radiation 

People who travel more than 130,000 kms per year (around seven return trips from Auckland to Hong Kong) are exposed to much more radiation than the recommended limited.

3. Can’t exercise regularly or maintain a good diet

Inflight meals are far from nutritious and constantly being in a new place makes it hard to cook for yourself or get to the gym.

4. Feeling disorientated

Repeatedly having to get used to new places and different time zones can lead to a feeling of disorientation that can be very stressful.

5. Work stress

Trying to respond to emails and meet deadlines while rushing to make a flight or adjusting to a new time zone can cause a lot of anxiety.

6. Always being by yourself

Being away from friends and family makes travelling for work really isolating. Research has shown that business travellers are much more likely to make an insurance claim for a mental health-related issue than regular employees.

7. Missing your partner

When you travel a lot and your partner is left at home to take care of the kids or other household responsibilities, it can take a toll on your relationship.

8. Never seeing your friends

When you do return home, it’s natural to put spending time with family over catching up with friends. But as you probably know, this can sometimes result in strained friendships.

Despite all these challenges business travel can be hugely exciting. Our guidance is to be aware, look after yourself and stay fresh. Use travel to meet new people and create unique experiences. Best of all, 1Above can help guide you as your ideal travel companion.

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