1ABOVE® is formulated to help you overcome and recover the from the effects of air travel

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1Above® Effervescent tablets

Fly through airport security.

A great option for the frequent fliers and O.E. goers. These effervescent tablets fly through security with ease and can be added to a bottle of water once you are on the other side or on the plane.

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1Above® Refillable Bottles

Ready to go.

The iconic and global award winning 1L drink bottle is the perfect companion to any concentrate or effervescent purchase. The 1Above® 1L clip allows the bottle to fit snuggly on your carry on or on the seat pocket in front of you without impinging leg space. Free shipping with effervescent tablets or orders over $100

from $3.50

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100ml 1Above® Concentrate

Easy and convenient.

This 100ml concentrate bottle makes traveling with 1Above a breeze. Convenient and light weight, the concentrate is perfect for staying on top of travel fatigue during stopovers.

from $9.00

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